Salsa Rueda – The Salsa Gateway?

If you are looking for a way to learn Salsa Dance, Start with Reuda. 

Swing Rueda has its roots in Salsa. In Cuba throughout the late 1950’s there was  a “dance craze! People danced in the streets and in the clubs, and in their homes. It was called Casino Rueda, or Rueda de Casino, or simply RuedaRueda which means the “wheel”.

It is a great way to learn salsa because even tho the steps are slightly different, its to the same “123- 567” rhythm and all the moves can be applied to Salsa Dance. 

Reuda forces you to learn and stay in sync with your partners. you usually dance in a circle of at least 6 or more dancers, (3 followers- 3 Leaders) and rotate partners as someone calls the dance moves! 

Talk about fun! Check out this demonstration below!  

Felix teaching Rueda

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