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Hey everyone! 

I get asked “What is Latin Night?” a lot lol and thought I should make a little guide for “NEWBIES”. What to expect, dancing etiquette, everything you might like to know before attending a “Latin event” 

Yes going out to do something new is generally scary….but this event is going to be super fun, has the friendliest crowd and it is easy going atmosphere kind of event. In a way one of albany’s sorta best kept secret. I started out dancing the same way! 


Benefits: Builds confidence, Great for self expression, Weight loss, Flexibility, Coordination, Better posture, Happiness and Fulfillment!
Where: It is at "No-Ware Lounge". I suggest arriving on time! 897 Broadway, Albany NY
Lessons: The Lesson starts at 8pm an it goes till 9pm. (Open dance starts at 9pm!! Every Latin Wed event) Our lesson schedule is on our google calendar, but mainly its alternating lessons of Bachata, Salsa, Salsa Rueda, ChaCha, & Kizomba (Skill levels for Lessons are listed every week an alternate from Beginner -Advance) & Noche Latina 2nd Sat of the month You will meet many new ppl at this lesson (think speed "friending")
Costs: 1hr Lessons are included for FREE with your $10 cover on Weds. Dance lessons anywhere else will cost you at least $15 for an hour! P.S.>HOWEVER if you get our emails or sign up for them, There will be a code word (along with your name) on there that you can text on the day of the event to our hotline 518-5454-HOT(468) that will give you $1 off cover, and for newbies you can text us your name & email and also get $1 off cover...... (This offer will continue every wed so you can continue to pay $9 if you participate on Weds)
What happens after the lessons: At 9pm (or 10pm for Sat events) the lights get dimmed an its open dance (the kitchens open during the event, time set by the restaurant please inquire directly) at this point you will get all skill levels of dancers on the floor, don't be alarmed... look for ppl from your lesson and ask them to dance! =) everyone is super friendly (and more then 50% of the ppl there are regulars so you will get to see familiar friendly faces and quickly become one of our "salsa crew")
The people: yes everyone is friendly, yes women definitely ask men to dance (this is not a prom), yes you will see many ppl dances with different partners! even if they came with significant others, most ppl here try to dance with as many as ppl as possible(this also helps you become a better dancer) age here doesn't matter we have ppl from 21 all the way to retired, well mix of nationalities & backgrounds as well! we are super diverse. A third of our regulars travel from everywhere to attend our events like Vt, Ct, Ma, yes sometimes over an hour! we have been around for over 11 years because of all the great support we have gotten over the years. Your continued attendance is what keeps us going strong.
How to Support our events: Keep our events alive =D, By attending weekly, Tell your friends to text their email to our HOTLINE 518-5454-HOT(468), RSVP, Invite & Share our event on facebook, twitter, instagram, etc... =) Plus purchasing food & drinks help support the location and keep them happy for having us there!! Also Ask us about our shirts (Hoodies $50, L-Sleeves Men $30,, Flowy off the shoulder L-sleeve $30, fitted ladies v-neck/tanks $25, Men Tees $25, dresses $30) we have available for purchase at our events! Note** Getting through the door is the only hard part, after you get through a lesson, you will be craving for more and counting the days till the next Latin Wed!
Styles of Dancing: We do 5 main dances salsa, bachata, chacha, merengue, and Kizomba in rotation (you can go to our youtube channel "" or check out an view videos before hand "make sure they say salsa on "1" , or youtube salsa on "1" or any other of the dances) if you'd like to come prepared.
Doubts: If you are super shy and need an even bigger nudge no worries come out "watch" the lesson the first time to get the feel of it, and of course you can ask just about anyone for me "Christine" I'll introduce you to new friends/ ppl to dance with of your level and keep you company!
What to wear: We do host themed nights regularly once a week! This info can be found on our facebook events and on our google calendar.
(Theme nights include our Annual Masquerade Ball, Little Black dress night, black light neon/white parties, Red & Green themes etc.
In general, I suggest checking out this link (DRESS TO IMPRESS) * Also feel free to check out my fb event photos for more examples

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Salsa Bachata Rueda Cha-Cha

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Salsa Bachata Rueda

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